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About Anchor Public Adjusting

Anchor Public Adjusting was founded by the late Dan Lauria, a licensed Property and Casualty Claims adjuster. From 2008 to 2014, Dan has adjusted over 700 claims in the field and over 25,000 as a claims examiner which included water, mold, wind, theft, lightning, tornado, hail, vandalism, fire, sink hole and vehicle impacts.

Dan’s mission was to provide all of his clients with the highest quality service when dealing with insurance companies and insurance claims. Dan stood beside his clients to ensure they got a fair settlement.

Dan had the skills and knowledge in the field of construction and insurance, that qualified him to handle your loss from beginning to end, to ensure you receive a fair and accurate settlement. Dan used the same software used by major insurance carriers to “Even the playing field” in accordance with the benefits your policy allows.

Although Dan is no longer with us, his experience and values carry on with the team at Anchor Public Adjusting.

Dan Lauria - Founder of Anchor Public Adjusting

As former claims adjusters for the insurance carriers, Anchor Public Adjusting has elected to advocate its experiences and knowledge towards the fair and reasonable settlement for the homeowners and small business owners. Anchor Public Adjusting is dedicated to your rights and needs during the difficult times you face after you have suffered a loss.

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